1. How do I measure my yard for the correct amount of material?
The formula below or use our online calculator which will give you the approximate amount of material required to begin your project

  • To obtain approximate cubic yardage, multiply Length x Width x Depth (all measured in feet). Divide that answer by 27 (27 cubic feet in 1 cubic yard)
  • Ex. 40ft x 5ft x 3” (3/12 = 0.25ft)
    • 50 ÷ 27 = 1.8 Cubic Yards

2. Do you place stone/spread soil and mulch during a delivery?

  • Unfortunately, we do not provide the service of placing any material that we deliver. Materials are either dropped curbside or (ONLY IF ACCESSIBLE) on the driveway. Please speak with office employees if you have specific delivery instructions or a specific drop location so that we may do our best to accommodate your needs.

3. How can I request a delivery?

  • To request a delivery please use our  delivery request page or contact us at 415 456 1381.
  • We will call you back to confirm the delivery time and collect payment.
  • Please keep in mind we do not sell any rock materials over the phone or online. Rocks & Pebbles must be selected at our yard in person before we can schedule a delivery.

4. I would love to see samples of your materials. Do you have samples available?

  • Yes, we do have samples. Our yard is open to the public and we strongly encourage you stop by to see the materials in person before ordering. Please refer to our store hours before stopping by.

5. Will your trucks fit on our job site?

  • The dump trucks are larger than standard trucks and will be carrying large quantities of materials with them. Please refer to our delivery request page to see both the size of the trucks and the maximum load of materials each truck is able to withstand.

6. Does ANS Materials create custom soil blends?

  • Yes. ANS Materials creates many custom soil blends for North Bay gardens and uses. We supply landscapers across the Bay Area with custom soil. We also custom blend soils for any type of landscape project, environmental restoration or home construction.

7. Does ANS Materials offer custom stone cutting?

  • Yes. ANS Materials has a custom stone cutting operation on premises in San Rafael. We have an extensive inventory of Bluestone, Flagstone, Limestone and Sandstone in both dimensional and irregular sizes and shapes. We also have slabs, steps and treads to match.We are happy to fabricate that special piece of stone for your custom projects such as: Hearths, Mantles, Sills, Pier Caps, Pool Copings etc.

For other questions regarding stone coverage and soil types, please refer to our contact page to speak with a representative or stop by our yard to speak in person.