Soil Volume Calculator

How do I calculate the yardage I need?

Once you have measured the Length, Width, and Depth of the area, use the formula below to determine the amount of cubic yards you need for that area.

  • To obtain approximate cubic yardage, multiply Length x Width x Depth (all measured in feet). Divide that answer by 27 (27 cubic feet in 1 cubic yard)
  • If length width or depth is in inches you must convert it to feet. Ex. 3 inches will be, 3/12 (12 inches in a foot) to make it .25ft
  • Ex. 40ft x 5ft x 3” (3/12 = 0.25ft)
    • 50 ÷ 27 = 1.8 Cubic Yards

If you need further assistance feel free to call us at (415) 456-1381, please have measurements ready.